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Bridging the gap was created for the new rider, and the seasoned riders that wants to improve their overall and riding skills. It has 3 components of in class, lot and street proofing.


A combination to help the student bring up their control of the motorcycle and their road awareness.  

“On your own bike”


In Class (2 hours)

  1. Adaptive riding awareness

  2. Blocking position

  3. Traffic scenarios

  4. Time and distance comprehension and components of riding

  5. Communication-vision and safely

Lot Training (2 hours)

  1. Pre Check of motorcycle

  2. Bike maintenance

  3. Blind spot awareness

  4. Slow speed handling

  5. Braking & swerving 

Street Proofing (3 hours)

  1. Development of good habits

  2. Adaptive riding carried over from classroom

  3. Group riding 

  4. Street proofing and awareness

  5. Live coaching


Your own motorcycle, and have the ability to handle your motorcycle.

Full Safety Gear

Fee: $275.00 plus HST

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