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Refunds/Change/Discount Policy/FAQ


Change of dates are free as long as they are minimum 7 days before your scheduled course.


Cancellation within the 7 days period prior of your scheduled course will have $150.00 charge for cancellation

Cancellation of the course at any point not within the 7 days will have $35.00 service fee.

Discount Policy

Discount for returning students for M testing will have a $50.00


Do we supply the written M1 test   

No only at Drive Test, can you obtain the M1

Do we test you for the M2 at the end of the course


Is the test included in the price



Is RideSafe MTO Approved



Does the price include the motorcycle



Does the price include the gear needed



Do we rent gear    



M2 Re-test

1 is included at no extra cost

- If you want to redo a whole second day and re-test a $200.00 Fee will apply.

- If you fail the test and the Re-test you will have to book another full course.


M Test

We do not supply bikes. You can rent or borrow a friends motorcycle.


M   Re-test

1 retest is allowed and at a cost of $150.00 



M2 - Newmarket Ontario 

M- Newmarket, Scarborough, Woodbridge/Vaughan

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