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To obtain your M licence, you must have held your M2 for a minimum of 18 months if you took a recognized safety course or 22 months without that course. You will need your own motorcycle which has valid Insurance and a valid license sticker.

The course has 2 parts:

Part 1: An in class portion of approximately 3 hours to help you prepare for the course .

Part  2:  A day of riding where we help correct any habits that a rider should be aware of and the M2X testing at the end for you to obtain the M License 

Fee: $415.00 plus HST

*See Registration Form below


Before you join RSM you must hold a valid M1 license before you take the course. For more information on how to obtain an M1 license please visit the Ministry of Ontario’s website or click here.  


To ride with RSM you need to wear the following safety riding gear. The following is a guide line for you to follow



RSM advises helmets that cover the full-face and are approved by the (DOT, ECE, CSA, BSI or Snell).

RSM accepts open-faced helmets approved by the (DOT, ECE, CSA, BSI or Snell).



RSM advises leather riding gloves with armour and a double layered palm.

RSM approves leather palm gloves that cover your wrists.



RSM advises a leather (heavy-grain or textile) jacket designed especially for riding.

RSM approves a full leather or thick denim jacket as a minimum.



RSM advises leather riding boots that cover rider’s ankle with a solid sole.

RSM approves leather or textile boots that cover the rider’s ankle.

RSM does not accept Blundstone or steel toe shoes.



RSM advises pants that are designed for riding, either heavy-grain leather or textile.

RSM approves regular cut pants made from thick denim. (not the stretchy denim)

Courses are as follows:

Theory class is Wednesday from 6PM-9:30PM, On bikes Saturday 8:00AM – 4:00 PM
Theory class is Wednesday from 6PM-9:30PM, On bikes Sunday  8:00AM – 4:00 PM

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